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products & equipment

our cleaning products – safe for you, the environment and our cleaners

The majority of the products we use are organic and created from non-toxic botanic extracts:

• They are 99.99% biodegradable
• Use no petrochemicals or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
• Have no synthetic fragrances
• Are not tested on animals
• Are not hazardous if they enter waterways
• Include a hospital grade disinfectant that kill 99.9% of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, RNA & DNA viruses and fungi (yeast and mould)
• Are packaged in food grade recyclable cardboard and plastic containers
• Are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-allergenic
• Certified by NASAA, Ecocert, Australian Environmental Labelling Association (AELA)

This means no lingering fumes and no chemical cocktail on surfaces after cleaning.

Because we buy our cleaning products direct from the manufacturer, we save in costs which means we can offer our cleaning.

state of the art cleaning equipment

The equipment we use makes a significant difference to your results. Our equipment has been sourced for their powerful effectiveness combined with reduced requirements for water, electricity and cleaning products.

All of our equipment is electrical tested and tagged to ensure safety and to reduce the chances of electrical interference on your computers or other office equipment.


We use colour coded microfibre cloths in our cleaning, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination between areas.

We use micro-fibre mops for small area mopping which are washed out and dried after each use. Microfibre cloths and mops reduce the amount of cleaning product required for an effective clean.

steam cleaners

For large areas we use high temperature steam cleaners which sanitise as they clean. Steam cleaners are extremely powerful on removing the toughest grime and ground-in dirt, while are gentle to the environment.

Our steam cleaners use only 15ml of water per room, compared to an average of 7litres of water per room for an average mop and bucket. This helps to conserve our precious water.

vacuum cleaners

We use state of the art HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners to reduce dust and air-born particles in our cleaning, which is essential for people with asthma or other breathing conditions.

pressure washers

Some large surfaces need high pressure washers forcomplete cleaning. Our hot pressure washers are rated to use the lowest amount of water possible for an effective clean.