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office cleaning

Maintaining a clean office is a core part of caring for the well-being of your clients and your employees. You want your office to be clean, hygienic and safe for everyone who visits your premises. A consistently clean office gives a positive, professional impression of your business and boosts sales.

The problem is that most cleaning companies use toxic chemicals in their cleaning which can leave behind fumes, fragrances or chemical allergens. They may also use equipment that increases the number of dust particles into the atmosphere. Many people these days are sensitive to chemicals and dust – you may know which of your employees have sensitivities, but can you tell which of your customers, clients or suppliers may also have chemical or dust sensitivities?

In the past there were very few options available for businesses to hire commercial cleaners to clean and maintain their buildings using non-toxic products, Green Cleaning methods and high quality approaches. And those that did often charged a high premium for their service.

That’s where Spick & Span are different. Spick & Span are specialist office cleaners who only use the latest Green Cleaning technology and products that are safe for both people and the environment.

education & childcare

Many children are sensitive to harsh chemicals and yet maintaining spotless hygiene and cleanliness is critical for every education and childcare centre.

Spick & Span uses no toxic chemicals in their cleaning of education and childcare centres. The products we use are hospital grade in terms of their germ killing capacity and are non-toxic and non-allergenic – which means peace of mind where kids are concerned.

All Spick & Span cleaners have a blue card and have been screened to ensure they have no criminal history.

commercial cleaning

Spick & Span are experienced in all aspects of commercial cleaning including:

• Strata Cleaning – Residential / Commercial
• Retail shopping centres
• Industrial car-park sweeping & cleaning
• Internal and external window cleaning
• Washroom Supplies
• Carpet cleaning
• Stripping and resealing floors
• High pressure cleaning
• Elevator and stairwell cleaning
• Common areas Cleaning
• Polishing and Buffing floors
• Hygiene and Sanitary Services
• Emergency cleaning
• Event Cleaning
• Graffiti Removal
• Chewing gum removal

industrial cleaning

Industrial premises need safe, reliable and powerful cleaning processes and systems. Spick & Span are experienced in all aspects of cleaning Industrial premises.In addition, we have imported into Australia high pressure steam cleaners which are specially designed to clean and sterilize:

• Air-conditioning plants
• Food processing plants
• Commercial kitchens
• Heavy machinery where high water volumes of traditional cleaning methods are a problem

According to the manufacturer, we are the only business in Australia to have these machines. Our high pressure steam cleaners combine the sterilising effect of steam with the power of compressed air for a deep, effective clean consistent with high-pressure water sprayers. Traditional sprayers use 18-35 litres of water per minute, but our machines only use 2.7 litres of water per minute, so they are kind to our water resources.